Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Love Letter To Japan

A Love Letter To Japan


  Love Letter To Japan
Thank you for watching, “A Love Letter To Japan” and please remember to forward it to your friends and family! During this time of immense need, we are helping Japan with our prayers and our donations.

If you want to donate to relief efforts, here are some great organizations you can donate to who are providing immediate help:

Red Cross:
Oxfam America:
International Medical Corps:
Mercy Corps:
Habitat For Humanity:
United Nations Foundation:

Note: If you are an AT&T or Verizon customer, please be aware that any donations you make via text-messaging are not being sent immediately. Those companies are delaying sending the donations to Japan by 30 to 90 days. (Click here to petition them to immediately disperse donated funds to Japan.)

If you would like to download the text of “A Love Letter To Japan,” it is available below in PDF.

A Love Letter To Japan

Thank you again for coming together to support the people of Japan during this time of crisis.

For those curious how the video was created, I asked over 35,000 people on Facebook and Twitter and a couple hundred responded. The merging of their answers is what appears in this video.

“A Love Letter To Japan”

No words can express how we
Your fellow citizens of this planet
Feel the grief of your significant loss.
We are all brothers and sisters.
When you hurt, we hurt.
As you overcome this devastating tragedy,
Your strength, courage, and compassion inspire us.
Know that we are with you.
We are here, holding your hand
And we are sending you healing energy.
You are in our hearts and thoughts.
May our prayers bring you
Renewed spirit, wholeness, and peace.
We love you.
In this time of sorrow,
May God be with you
And watch over you.



Petition for Disclosure
13 October, 2013

Full government disclosure of ET presence on Earth





Prime Creator Makes an Announcement

by Kathryn E. May, PsyD

on 08/02/13


愛なる皆さん、私はあなた方と直接お話することは、頻繁にはありませんが、今は、あなた方の世界について、あなた方、特に、借金の返済や、家族を養うため に非常に忙しく働いている人たちにとって、振動数を上げるように懸命に集中することが如何に大切なことなのか、お話する機会を持つ特異な時です。

のように忙しく働く時は過ぎました。終わったのです。支払うべき借金はありませんし、家族を養うために稼ぐ必要もありませんし、退職をしても生き残りを図 る必要もありません。退職はどんな途方も無い夢をも超越する栄えあることですし、あなた方になんら負担を強いず、地球上の時刻がどのような時を示していて も今から始まることなのです。これは生涯からの引退ではなく、死でもありません。あなた方は今、星への壮大な旅の境目にいるのです。

なた方の兄弟、姉妹たちが頭上で待っています。晴れた夜に空を見上げてください。挨拶を彼らに送ってください。そうすれば、彼らのものだとあなた方には思 われ、間もなくあなた方と一緒になり、あなた方の間を歩き回り、あなた方を抱擁し、あなた方と共に祝賀の歌を歌うことを示し、彼らの喜びをも示す、宇宙船 の色つきの照明を点滅させてくれるでしょう。あなた方を向上させ、限りない愛と光をあなた方に教える宇宙エネルギーを伝送するグリッド線に沿って数千の宇 宙船が滞在しています。

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